1 Janka Janka | E-mail | 1. června 2012 v 14:14 | Reagovat

Hello I love you and I would love to see you live .. but I'm from the Czech Republic is far: ((hi so far: *** mm love you so much: ***

2 renča bieber renča bieber | 10. září 2012 v 15:26 | Reagovat

hi i love you justin i from czech rebublic

3 Kajča Kajča | 5. února 2013 v 10:55 | Reagovat

Je to nejlepší blog

4 Babů Babů | E-mail | 13. listopadu 2014 v 16:32 | Reagovat

Hey Babu call me no I just wanted to write a few words and I would write ....
for the first J.B. is definitely cool but girls should realize that you are writing at anything and the guy does not have much time, all the time he was needed and not just a million% know that you would not even notice if you met on the street makes it just over the camera to look bad.
It certainly knows too much so that it's no longer possible to prove for all my life so much experience and know but I also had to learn something too you believe that i learned from something definitely does not want neinteligentí girl wants prettiest girl does not want to because you love it everyone wants it and has the opportunity to take advantage of no one would not take it but I had a Rom, I'm not okay as other some act like morons of excuse yes I know I'm not a saint but I got my pride and I believe in what I want too did not think JB that will be rich and yet it became a singer but that and we have to appreciate because once you have kids so that they do not know just who's dad has a lot .určitě he never learned, or rather trained but, even so it is good or bad and wasted give him like a komenty share is always a social network facebook gteřba ... I'm going to sing now on youtobe my rap and dance biebox and eventually singing ..... I'm pretty smart rich but at least I have something within yourself and know that you can get anywhere with this policy so zatim hello and try to realize it .... :) I do not think even a little sick ps ::: Babunka (Babu) ...! <3

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